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Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti:

Makar Sankranti is individual of mainly positive day for the Hindus, as well is celebrated in approximately all parts of the state in numerous cultural forms, with huge attachment, passion & gaiety. Lakhs of citizens receive a dip in seats like Ganga Sagar & Prayag and plead to Lord Sun. It is famous with ceremony in southern parts of the state as Pongal, and in Punjab is great as Lohri & Maghi. Gujarati's not simply look reverently up to the sun, although also present thousands of their bright oblations in the structure of beautiful kites all above the skyline. They might be difficult to achieve up to their wonderful God or convey about superior nearness with the one who represents the maximum. It is a daytime for which Bhishma Pitamah kept waiting to disappear his worldly coil.

Makar Sankranti is the day when the wonderful Sun-God of Hindus begins its superiority and entry into the Northern Hemisphere. Sun for the Hindus stands for Pratyaksha-Brahman - the evident God, who represent, the single, non-dual, self-effulgent, wonderful religion approval one & all tirelessly. Sun is the one who transcends occasion and also the one who rotates the well-known Wheel of Time. The famous Gayatri Mantra, which is chanted daily by each true Hindu, is directed to Sun God to bless them with intelligence & wisdom. Sun not only represents God but also stands for a personification of information & knowledge. Lord Krishna reveals in Gita that this manifest religion was his initial believer, and we all recognize it to be certainly a valuable one too. No Sundays for the Sun, might be because one who celebrations in its very 'being', the very spirit of his possess qualities, is always in the Sunday mood.

The co-relation of space proceedings with character life and principles is one of the most amazing behaviors of Hindu Masters. Previously this co-relation is bringing about after that these huge measures become active to repeat us the greatest that we treasure & value. Of all the enormous bodies Sun is the most wonderful & chief, thus each sun-centric enormous incident became extremely chief spiritual, spiritual & educational trial. On Makar Sankranti day the Sun begins its power and journey into the Northern Hemisphere, and thus it signify an occasion wherein the Gods appear to repeat their kids that 'Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya'. May you go senior & superior - to more & more light and not at all to dark?

Astrological Significance:

Makar means Capricorn and Sankranti is evolution. Present a sankranti each month while the sun pass from one symbol of the zodiac to the next. There are twelve symbols of the zodiac, and thus there are twelve sankranti's as healthy. Every of these sankranti's has its own qualified import but two of these are more significant - the Mesh (Aries) Sankranti and the most important, the Makar (Capricorn) Sankranti. evolution of the Sun from Sagittarius to Capricorn, throughout the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere is known as Makar Sankranti. Starting this day begins the six-month extended Uttarayana, measured extremely favorable for attaining superior worlds here after. Even as the established Indian Calendar is essentially based on lunar position, but sankranti is an astral occasion, so even as dates of all festival keep shifting, the english calendar date of Makar Sankranti is always same, 14th January. Makar Sankranti is great in the Hindu Calendar month of Magha. There is one more meaning of this day, after this day the days start appropriate longer & heater, and thus the cool of winter in on turn down.

Religious Significance:
1. The Puranas say that on this day Sun visit the home of his son Shani, who is the swami of Makar Rashi. These father & son do not normally get down properly, but inspire of any variation between every other Lord Sun makes it a point to gather each other on this day. Father in truth himself comes to his son’s house, for a month. This day represent the weight of particular connection of father & son. It is the son who has the duty to take forward his fathers vision and the permanence of the family.

2. From Uttarayana starts the ‘day’ of Devatas, while dakshinayana is said to be the ‘night’ of devatas, so mainly of the favorable things are complete through this time. Uttarayana is also called as Devayana, and the next half is called Pitrayana.

3. It was on this day when Lord Vishnu broken the ever rising violence of the Asuras by final them off and burying their heads under the Mandar Parvat. So this time also represent the end of negativities and opening of an era of good living.

4. The huge savior of his associates, Maharaj Bhagirath, did huge Tapasya to transport Gangaji down on the earth for the release of 60,000 sons of Maharaj Sagar, who were well done to remains at the Kapil Muni Ashram, near the present day Ganga Sagar. It was on this day that Bhagirath lastly did tarpan with the Ganges water for his unfortunate ancestors and thereby modern them from the curse. Behind visiting the Patala for the release of the curse of Bhagirath’s relatives Gangaji lastly merged in the Sagar. Still now an extremely big Ganga Sagar Mela is prepared each year on this day at the meeting of River Ganges and the Bay of Bengal. Lakhs take immerse in the water and do tarpan for their relations.

We salute such a large fan & benefactor of his ancestors. One who can state such appreciation to his relatives, work with determined decide to redeem the pride, pledges & resolves of his forefathers, alone enjoy a character, which the history reveal to be an accurate sponsor of the globe too. A individual who has severed his own roots gets rapidly rooted absent in the stream of time. Honest of the story is to see to it that the roots of the tree of ‘our’ life are not merely intact but nourish well, thereafter alone the tree blooms & flourishes.

There is one more spiritually symbolic feature of this story. The 60,000 cursed son of Maharaj Sagar symbolize our opinion, which becomes dull & dead-like because of uncultured & sightless ambition. Release of such people is only by the waters of Gangaji, bring down ‘to’ & later ‘from’ the Himalayas with huge tapasya. This represent devoted hard work to get the redeeming Brahma-Vidya, which unaided enlightens, enthuses & enlivens the life of everyone.

5. One more famous location of this day came when the huge grandsire of Mahabharata fame, Bhishma, confirmed his intent to leave his mortal coil on this day. He had the boon of Ichha-Mrityu from his father, so he reserved lying on the bed of arrows till this day and then left his mortal coil on Makar Sankranti day. It is supposed that the individual, who dies throughout the period of Uttarayana, becomes free from transmigration. So this day was seen as a sure-shot Good Luck day to start your trip or activities to the senior realm outside.

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