Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holi Utsav


It is spiral time in India, flowers and field is in bud and the country goes natural with people management on the street and smears every extra with brightly hued powders and colored stream. This is the event of Holi, great on the daytime after the full moon in untimely March every year.

At first a festival to rejoice high-quality harvest and richness of the land, Holi is currently a representative commemoration of a myth from Hindu legends. The legend centers on a superior king who resent his son worshipping Lord Vishnu. He attempts to execute his son but fails every time. Lastly, the king's sister Holika who is supposed to be resistant to burning sits with the boy in an enormous fire. Still, the prince Prahlad emerges unharmed, even as his aunt burns to death. Holi commemorates this occasion from legends, and huge bonfires are scorched on the eve of Holi as its symbolic symbol.

This excited festival is also linked with the eternal love of Krishna and Radha, and therefore, Holi is increase over 16 days in Vrindavan as well as Mathura - the two cities with which Lord Krishna communal a deep association. Separately from the usual fun with colored crush and water, Holi is striking by lively processions which are accompanied by folk songs, dances and a universal intellect of deserted strength.

The Legend

There was once an evil spirit king by the name of Hiranyakashyap who won over the kingdom of earth. He was so selfish that he command everyone in his empire to respect only him. But to his huge displeasure, his son, Prahlad became an ardent devotee of Lord Naarayana and refused to worship his father.

Hiranyakashyap tried numerous behaviors to execute his son Prahlad but Lord Vishnu saved him each time. Lastly, he asked his sister, Holika to come in a burning fire with Prahlad in her stage. For, Hiranyakashyap knew that Holika had a benefit, whereby, she might pierce the fire untouched.

Treacherously, Holika coaxed little Prahlad to assemble in her lap and she herself took her chair in a burning fire. The myth has it that Holika had to pay the cost of her evil wish by her life. Holika was not attentive that the boon work only when she enter the fire alone.

Prahlad, who kept chanting the name of Lord Naarayana all this even as, came out unharmed, as the lord blessed him for his great affection.
Thus, Holi derive its name from Holika. and, is famous as a festival of conquest of good over evil.

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