Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dance of Lord Shiva:

Hindu God Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva Dance wallpaper

Dance of Lord Shiva

The flood of nineteen-twenty-four was terrible in Rishikesh It accepted away lots of Mahatmas and Sadhus This is the dance of Shiva.
The rash Chandrabhaga Curved its course in 1943 People crossed it through trouble With the help of elephant This is the dance of Shiva.
In the morning of eleventh January 1945 There was fall of snow On the surrounding Himalayas The cool was dreadful This is the dance of Shiva.
Lord Visvanath dwells at present In a place wherever there was forest. He pleases the whole world. He gives strength and lengthy life. This is the dance of Shiva.
Forests turn into Ashrams, Island turn into an ocean, Ocean turn into an island, Cities turn into deserts, This is the dance of Shiva.
Lord Shiva look His Sakti Then there is the atomic dance There is the dance of Prakriti Lord Siva just witnesses This is the dance of Shiva.
After that Prana vibrates, mind moves, Senses function, Buddhi operates, Heart pumps, lungs breathe, Stomach digests, intestines excrete, This is the dance of Shiva.
This is a world of change A changing object is perishable Know the Imperishable Which is changeless And become Immortal.

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Barkha said...

The perfect form of Lord Shiva here i found.. really it praise for that.. Good work you have done

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Ganesh Picture