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Good Friday.

Good Friday:

Good Friday occur among March 20th and April 23rd on the Friday facing Easter.
Good Friday observe the crucifixion of Jesus. According to the Gospels, Jesus was put to death on the Friday facing Easter Day.
Present are little details as to why the holiday is known as "Good" Friday because it honor a sorrowful time in Christianity. Several scholars consider that "good" is a corruption of the word "God's" while others wonder that "good" was used to represent "holy". In Eastern accepted churches, the ceremony is known as large Friday.

Good Friday has been practical by fasting, penance, and prayer. For several years the day had no connection with the death of Jesus but was merely a different day of fasting. It has been connected with the crucifixion while the late fourth century.
Several churches currently have mourning services from noon until 3:00 p.m. to represent Jesus' last hours on the cross. Several congregations also re-enact Jesus' procession to the cross in a service known as Stations of the Cross.

In the Roman Catholic Church, the Good Friday liturgical service involves three distinct parts:

1. readings and prayers, counting the reading of the Passion from the Gospel
of St. John;
2. the worship of the cross;
3. Universal communion examine (formerly called the Mass of the Pre-
sanctified), using bread and wine sacred the previous day, Maundy Thursday.

Extra forms of ceremony contain prayer and consideration at the Stations of the annoyed, a succession of 14 images on impassive crosses depicting Christ's crucifixion and the actions foremost awake toward it.

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