Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Claus

Santa Claus:

Who is Santa Claus?

He's been described, as a storybook nature that brings present to good quality children on the night of Christmas Eve. America's Santa Claus came from the European civilization concerning St. Nicholas. The Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam bring the thought of Santa to American. The bold perform that Santa performs by hiking down the chimney all comes from the Dutch. Their belief still tells that if you're naughty, he'll leave a button in place of toys.

His brilliant red clothes trimmed with white hair originate from the robe of St. Nichols. Through the 19th century Santa begin to be rather well-liked and made appearance in the stories of Washington Irving. In 1822 Clement Moore wrote "A appointment from Saint Nicholas" moving Thomas Nast to draw the well-known cartoon of Santa available in Harper's paper. The English knew Santa as Father Christmas and the Germans knew him as Kris Kringle.

In 1809 Irving wrote a story which resulted in changing the established Dutch gathering. On December 14, St. Nicholas Eve, the Dutch would leave shoes out for St. Nicholas but Irving's story had the children leave stockings killing out instead. At that time children supposed Santa traveled by wagon with the support of a magic white horse. But in 1821, Irving's book, "The Children's Friend" had Santa roaming by luge pulled by reindeer.

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